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What are the Benefits of Mobile Home Parking?

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Mobile home parking investment is one thing that has come to be known recently and it has a number of benefits, it is a trade that many home owner professionals have started to notice for its good proceeds, click here on this page for more information.

Home investors are not usually thinking of home park investment when they are making investments in real estates and if you have ever wanted to generate income as a landlord mobile home parking investment is the right way to go.

As a mobile home park owner you will be faced with two available options, the first option is to own the land and then you rent out spaces to the mobile home owners, the second option is owning the land and the mobile home will rent out to tenants, see more now!

The last option is usually easy to handle since it is almost maintenance free, you will be required to handle trash collecting, landscaping, parking areas and other expenses that are relate to the property, click and learn more here.

This second option generates excellent income since there is a lesser chance for turnover and studies shows that it costs $5,000 or more for people to move from the mobile home to another location, once a mobile home owner parks on the land it is hard and not cheap for them to move.

As the housing options are becoming more and more expensive, people are looking for cheaper options ,on average one bed roomed house apartment is now costing $1,057 while the mobile home is going for just 564 dollars, view here!

Once you are a mobile home park owner you have an advantage in areas where the rent is cheaper and the cost of rent in higher and therefore you will have tenant all through, learn more here

Mobile home parking’s tend to offer standing apartments, more square footage, amenities and nicer appliances and very little land for outdoor recreation which are some of the things that attract tenants, more details below.

There is less competition in this field of mobile home parks since most investors are not aware and most of them overlook this investment as simply a small venture and are always looking for major and big investments, click here for details.

Once you are in the business of mobile home parks, you have fewer chances of competing with multiple people, this also prevents people who are driving the prices of land and home parks for sale and this allows you to make a reasonable offer.